Monday, February 11, 2008

Interview Assignment

Interview Blog Post
25 Points
Due: 5:00 p.m. March 7, 2008

  1. The interview should take place with someone who identifies as a woman OUTSIDE your age bracket. So you should be looking for women who are either significantly younger or older than you. It will also be a better interview if there are other demographic differences between you and the interviewee (race, class, political membership, etc).
  2. The goal of the project is to compile a historical report and future projection of feminism as well as get a feel for the current status of the ideas we’ve been learning about in class. It is your chance to get a feel for how people of all ages, races, and classes have dealt with the concepts of feminism, equality, sex, beauty, oppression, race, class and many more!
  3. When you write your blog post, you should blend excerpts from the interview with some reflection. In short, the blog post should read more like an essay than an interview (see girldrive example). You will share key quotations, information about your interviewee’s life, and the larger lessons you can connect to our class material.
  4. The essay should be between 4-6 double spaced pages and should comply with my writing expectations. Please see my writing tips for more help on this. You should have a thesis statement that guides the essay. The essay should be in first person. Remember to use Times New Roman 12-point font, double space the text and add page numbers!
  5. When you turn in your hard copy, please attach a list of your questions and the contact info for your person (including phone number). The list of questions does not count toward your page total.
  6. Feel free to do whatever you can to spruce up the blog entry (include audio or photographs)
  7. You will be graded not only on quality of writing but also insight and attention paid to the interview. In other words, you will not receive an A if you simply ask close-ended questions and write things like “Sally is a feminist because she is a woman.” The questions and the essay should be more complicated than that!
  8. Some information to consider: Why did you choose this person to interview? What is interesting about their life that makes them have interesting insight into feminist issues? Do they have historical information to share with us? (Do they remember when the Feminine Mystique was written? Do they remember some of the changing notions about feminism?) Are they playing a key role in shaping the feminist agenda for today? What are some hardships they have gone through that has contributed to their life philosophies?

For more inspiration, look here: (to prepare for an interview)

**Please title your interview with your last name: Interview

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